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The Truth About Blacks and Racism...

I will never forget as a teenager and very young man, there was a 70 year old man who lived in Elaine, Arkansas. He, his daughter and her boy and girl and I were good friends. She was very pretty too! Just thought I would add that last statement. She was a teacher and many people thought she was the reason I would visit the man. It was not. We were all just friends and I thought a lot of her dad. One day we were talking about race and the Bible and the foundations of morality. That is when he blew me away with a statement. He said, “I don’t believe no white person is saved: None!” I pointed out to him that in scripture it shows that there will be people saved out of every kindred, language, kingdom and nation. I asked him whom did he think was better informed to make that decision, him or God? He said God was but he did not see how it could be, because, according to him, people had to love and no white person ever loved a black person. We walked back through the logic that if people have to love others to be saved and God says some people of all races will be saved, then some from all races will love people regardless of race. My Dad had taught me correctly, but I began to see that among some blacks, regardless of any excuses that one could make, there is unreasonable racism. Racism seared in their minds as if done by a hot iron.

What I am about to say maybe a new perspective to some; yet it ought to be seen as a logical one. I hope it is not seen as a way to try to absolve the white man or anyone else for any slavery that they themselves have done. Many readers of my articles know that whites were owned by blacks and others for hundreds of years before the United States existed. You know this country went from indentured servitude where blacks could have whites as servants and vice versa. Then a black man became the first person to own a black person for life, for no fault of his own, legally. Then it became a precedent that blacks could be owned for life but not whites. Some of you know that there were more than 4,000 black owners of slaves. After this the Republican Party was formed to eliminate slavery. They passed all the below:
(A) Civil Rights law of 1866
(B) Civil Rights law of 1870
(C) Civil Rights law of 1871
(D) Civil Rights law of 1875
13th Amendment (only 8 democrats helped) = Abolished slavery
14th Amendment (no democrats supported it) = Citizenship & equality under law
15th Amendment (No democrat supported it) = voting rights for blacks

About 4500 black Republicans were lynched; but did you know that even though they were white and people had to be careful about it, 1500 white Republicans were lynched? It was republicans mainly responsible for women’s rights and rights all the way to the 1991 civil rights legislation. What does this have to do with black racism? I will tell you now. ….. Continue to part 2

Episode 17: Methods of The Demonic and UFOs
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