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Questions for a Travel Agent - Group Travel

Groups get better benefits!
Groups get better benefits!
Lucinda Belden

There are amenities your travel agent can retain for you when traveling in groups. In most cases a group consists of at least 8 cabin bookings with 15 full fare guests but some luxury lines can be as low as a group of 5 cabins. So, always ask your travel agent what defines a group on the particular cruise you are interested in taking.

What are amenities? They are 'points' the cruise lines assign to ships/sailings based on supply and demand. Less demand will yield higher amenity points because the cruise lines are trying to fill the ships. Amenity points can only be awarded to groups and can be exchanged for free items like a bottle of wine or chocolate covered strawberries in your cabin, onboard ship credit or even cocktail parties for groups.

How do you get extra amenities? Sometimes your travel agent can secure extra items or services at no cost. You will not usually get these items if your group is sailing during peak periods or on ships in high demand. If you want to secure additional amenities for your group you will need to have a flexible sailing period so your travel agent can let you know when you can get the most amenities.

What else does group bookings get you?
•A lower deposit. Sometimes for as low as $25 a person your group can book their cruise.
•Your agent also ensures your group has cabins and dining times together.
•Usually when you meet the minimum group requirement as defined above, you earn a free berth. A free berth means you get the cabin cost free but you will still have to pay the government fees and port charges on that berth. This amenity is generally always available.
•Best of all the travel agent can handle the coordination of your group cruise so you don't have to do all the planning and work by yourself!

So, if you think you have a group, contact your travel agent! You will be rewarded with less work and extra perks for your group.


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