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‘Quantum Break’ developer talks potential ‘Alan Wake’ link and Xbox One power

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Oskari Hakkinen has provided some comments in regards to several subjects about his upcoming Xbox One exclusive project, “Quantum Break.” According to a video interview that took place on the live VGX event on Dec. 7, the head of franchise development at Remedy Entertainment was asked if the new intellectual property is linked in any way to “Alan Wake.”

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Oskari Hakkinen replied by teasing that his development team likes to put in hints of their previous games. He used the “Max Payne” Easter Egg from “Alan Wake” as an example. You can find his comments below:

You know, we often kind of hints to our previous games and kind of big multiverse. In ‘Alan Wake,’ we have hints at ‘Max Payne’ there.

“Alan Wake” first came out for the Xbox 360 on May 18, 2010. A PC port was then released on Feb. 16, 2012. The follow-up title, “Alan Wake's American Nightmare” launched on Feb. 22 in 2012 on the Xbox 360 and then May 22 of the same year for personal computers.

The head of franchise development also talked a little bit about developing for the Xbox One. He praised the “sheer power” of the next-generation system as it enabled the development team to “do tons of stuff” in terms of gameplay and storytelling. You can check out some screenshots from “Quantum Break” in the slideshow to the left of this article and his statement below:

It’s been an absolute pleasure to work on the Xbox One. Just the sheer power there has just enabled us to do tons of stuff with gameplay and taking storytelling further.

“Quantum Break” currently does not have an official release date. You can order the products from Amazon in the following links: “Quantum Break” and Xbox One. A few deals can also be found in the following link from Deals.