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Q&A: David Usher on Moist Reunion


David Usher, mostly known for his solo career for the past 12 years, is getting together with his first love---a little band that started it all for him called Moist. Based out of Vancouver, British Columbia, Moist was a Canadian rock band that saw success in the mid to late 90s with the songs, “Resurrection”, “Push”, and “Underground”.

Moist went on indefinite hiatus shortly after their third album, Mercedes 5 and Dime was released. The band consisted of frontman David Usher, guitarist Mark Makoway, bassist Jeff Pearce, keyboardist Kevin Young, and drummer Paul Wilcox and redefined alt-Canadian rock music two decades ago. Now with a spirit that remains, the band will be getting back in the swing of things slowly but surely with a reunion tour and possible new music. The band will be missing one member though—drummer Paul Wilcox, who quit the band due to a back injury while touring in support of Mercedes 5 and Dime.

David Usher recently sat down with to talk about the reunion and 20 years of Moist.

What prompted Moist to reunite at this time?

Well we never really broke up. We were on this extended hiatus forever. We are all still friends. In Fact, Kevin plays with me in my solo band as well.

About a year ago, the guys approached me about playing some shows. It’s our twentieth anniversary. I was really busy with a lot of different things and was working on a lot of different projects. I couldn’t get it into my head at that point in time. A friend of my wife started chatting about the band and my wife brought it up to me and then it clicked in my head and I brought it up to my band members and the rest is history.

Will your solo career take a back seat now?

Not really. I have some shows this summer and throughout the new year as well.

Are all the original members on board for this reunion?

Not Paul. He quit the band.

Do you think the Canadian music scene has changed?

Music hasn’t changed that much. The process of people getting together and playing live are still the same. The business of music has changed a lot due to the internet and technology. Music is music. Music hits people the same way.

Will there be a Moist CD and tour to follow?

We don’t just yet—we have to still sit down and talk about these things. We have to get back to writing and playing. I’ve been playing a lot. So for me, it’s really wanting to play these songs again. Us all playing together is sort of a new thing.

Does the band have any plans to attack the U.S. market at all this time around?

No, not really due to scheduling reasons. Our success was really outside of the United States---Canada, Asia, and Europe to be exact. We are signed to three or four different labels in the States, but those are the places we will focus on.

We are just coming out of the gate with this, so we will see where it leads.

What are you currently listening to right now?


What have you learned from being in the music business from your days to Moist to your own solo days?

The music business has changed completely and you either move with change, embrace it, and try to learn from it. Or you could fight it and let it roll over you. You have to move with the realities that the world presents you with. I like new experimentation and new technology and all the challenges that it comes with it as well. So for me, it’s been a very fun ride.


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