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‘PvZ: Garden Warfare’ Boss Mode for Xbox one explained

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - Boss Mode
Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare - Boss Mode
Drop Zom-Bombs or Cherry Bombs from your tablet with Garden Warfare's Boss Mode. (PopCap Games)

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare has a pair of exclusive features on the Xbox One. The first is local split-screen co-op play. The second is a Battlefield 4 Commander-like Boss Mode that uses SmartGlass to let two players support and direct their teams in the 24 player multiplayer mode. PopCap Games explained how Boss Mode works in an exclusive interview with Examiner.

“In Boss Mode, you’re looking at the top down view, trying to support your team, as if you’re playing Commander Mode in Battlefield, for example. It’s done in a style that feels a bit more easy and light-hearted,” PopCap Producer Brian Lindley told Examiner.

“A little bit, it’s pretty simple and straightforward with what you’re doing and what you’re playing in Boss Mode is your collecting resources. If you’re playing on the Plants side, you’re collecting sun and you’re saving that up to deploy support abilities to the battlefield for your teammates. So that’s going to be things like little radar dishes that can automatically spot enemies while they’re nearby, healing stations, revive stations and then the most offensive thing you can do while playing Boss Mode is call in artillery strikes.”

“We’ve had those branded a bit for both the plant and the zombie side,” he continued. “On the Plant side, it’s a big Cherry Bomb strike, and then on the Zombie side, we call them Zom-Bomb strikes, but they’re basically bombs that have been smashed into traffic cones that come flying down from above and blow up. That’s the primary role of the boss, to be the eye in the sky and kind of help out the team wherever he can.”

Don’t expect to call in Cherry Bomb or Zom-Bomb strikes constantly though as both take some resource gathering to deploy.

“If you’ve collected a lot of resources you’ll be able to fire those off. They do have a bit of a cool down time, so you can’t just go one after the other. They’re definitely the most costly from a resource perspective. I think they’re 200 to 250 sun, for example. So you have to save up if you want to deploy one of those. You’ll only be able to do it every so often,” Lindley explained.

Plants Vs Zombies: Garden Warfare is due to release Feb. 18 for the Xbox One and Xbox 360.

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