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Puppy rescued from Dickson County landfill making remarkable recovery

Just three days later, Midas, the puppy found buried in trash, is already walking around.
Last Chance Pet Rescue

Midas, the three-month-old pit mill mix puppy found in a Dickson, Tenn. landfill last Friday, is making excellent progress Last Chance Pet Rescue announced on their Facebook page Monday.

"Can you believe how far this boy has come since being dug out of the trash last Friday morning? This is what medical care, food and love can do for an animal; bring it back from the brink of death. He is in for a wonderful life now. He is in foster care and on his way to restored health. Thanks so much to the landfill workers who heard his cries and saved his life!"

Click here to view Midas' recovery.

According to the Solid Waste Director, Jim Lunn, the puppy most likely had been picked up in a garbage truck and was about to pushed into a trailer bound for the landfill when one of the employees heard a cry emanating from beneath the trash. Not sure what kind of cry it was at the time, the employee stopped the hydraulic compacting machine, and under six feet of garbage found a weak, dirty, and wet puppy.

Lunn told The Tennessean a front-end dumpster loading truck brought the trash with the puppy in it to the Dickson County Solid Waste Management site, but he was unable to pinpoint which truck or the original destination.

When the puppy was first discovered, Animal Control rushed him to the vet for treatment; the puppy was covered with demodex mange, had been starved and sustained damage to his head and eye. The veterinary hospital bathed him, gave him fluids, food, water, and medication. At that point Midas was too weak to stand, and no one knew if he was going to survive.

Midas was wearing a collar, but it did not have any identification.

If you would like to help with Midas' medical needs, please click here.

The Dickson County Sheriff's Office is asking that anyone with information contact the office at (615) 789-4130.

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