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PULSE Contemporary Art Fair 2014: Local and International artists present

Don’t miss - just two more days left for this fabulous art fair, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, which I’ve written about last year and which I will be checking out tomorrow myself.

PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in NYC, May 2014
PULSE Contemporary Art Fair in NYC, May 2014
PULSE Contemporary Art Fair 2014 presents local and international artists from more than 11 countries
Alisa Krutovsky

New York City Art Galleries and galleries in the other large art markets such as Los Angeles, London, and Paris can be difficult to understand and put into their proper context. There are around 1,500 art galleries in New York City alone operating at any given time. In Manhattan you find them in Soho, Tribecca, Chelsea, The Village, the Lower East Side, and on 57th Street. There are also galleries in Brooklyn, Queens, and the other boroughs. And such diversity and quantity makes it hard for anyone to see all the works and discover the gems, unless you hear it from the media sources and/or via the word of mouth. That is why, such big art fairs like PULSE Contemporary Art Fair offer an opportunity to see many art works in just one place over a few days.

Since 2005, PULSE Contemporary Art Fair has nurtured galleries and created an international community for them to grow within the contemporary art market. Starting just in one city, the art fair now takes place in Miami This year in New York City the fair runs from May 8 to May 11, 2014.

This particular art fair gives an opportunity to discover and explore the many forms of the contemporary art from around the country and the world. It gives a very wide platform for pioneering and seasoned artists to showcase their work to not only the local residents, but also to the visitors from around the world.

The fair promotes and engages the audience with the large-scale sculptures, installations and performances. Last year I was very impressed by a very diverse selection of the exhibitors.

Ones of the highlights of this year’s fair’s performing installations are the works of ANDY YODER, CHARLES LUTZ
, who are engaging the audience rather than just presenting the ‘silent’ works.

This year, the PULSE Contemporary Art Fair features new and returning international galleries, spanning from eleven countries. Currently, over seventy five percent of exhibitors will present solo, two or three artist presentations, which are integrated throughout the fair as PULSE, IMPULSE, and POINTS exhibitors, thereby encouraging connectivity between artworks, galleries and visitors and emphasizing the fair as a platform for discovery.

The Pulse Art Fair is one of the rarest art fairs that offers some of the latest forms of arts that engage the visitors into the art – the art that you can listen to and touch. Last year there were quite a few installations that I was impressed the most about. Click here to see some of them: Screen Test (For A Living Sculpture) 2012 by Jani Ruscica or I Was Made For Dancin', All, All, All Night Long by Cameron Gray.

If you are a big fan of the contemporary art, do not miss the following art shows and fairs: PULSE Contemporary Art Fair, Affordable Art, SCOPE Art Show, International ArtShow, and The Armory Show.

To check out what you've been missing in the last two days of the fair, visit the Pulse Contemporary Art Fair Facebook page.

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