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'Psych' season 8 premiere recap: Despereaux, Harry Potter and a good ol' heist

PSYCH -- "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrells and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire" Episode 801 -- Pictured: (l-r) Dule Hill as Burt Guster, Cary Elwes as Pierre Despereaux, James Roday as Shawn Spencer
PSYCH -- "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrells and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire" Episode 801 -- Pictured: (l-r) Dule Hill as Burt Guster, Cary Elwes as Pierre Despereaux, James Roday as Shawn Spencer
Alan Zenuk/USA Network

"Psych" season 8 premiered Wednesday, Jan. 8, with "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire," which featured the return of Despereaux, Shawn and Gus traveling to London, and many Harry Potter references. And oh yes, it was very entertaining.

Riding high on the big musical episode, "Psych" kicked off its eighth season with a winner filled with twists, Harry Potter and more, with Cary Elwes' performance in this episode only leaving us wanting more Despereaux immediately. While we never truly believed that Despereaux was anything but what we've known him to be – an international thief – it was fun to watch Shawn and Gus question everything they knew about him.

Off to a rocky start After a quick look into the future, as Shawn narrated with a British accent as he and Gus were held at gunpoint, "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire" flashed back to when they were still in Santa Barbara. Interpol – you know, the one on the DVD warning screen – called requesting Shawn's help in the UK, and Gus invited himself along to attend PotterCon. At the airport, they were detained by security, and the hidden compartment in Gus' wand and the broom he was carrying with him didn't go over so well. Oh, and of course Gus was dressed for the convention for the flight because he had a bit of a time crunch between their arrival time and a PotterCon event.

Meet Royston Cornwallace Staley Upon arriving at Interpol, however, Shawn learned that he wasn't there to investigate but to pose as an American getaway driver (who looked just like him) in a planned heist after Scotland Yard arrested the guy. Winston explained the Deputy Director, Royston Cornwallace Staley, requested Shawn after meeting while undercover, and yes, exactly what you expected happened next. After Gus' poor attempt at hitting on the Director's secretary ("Have you heard about Pluto?"), they came face to face with…none other than Despereaux!

The truth about Despereaux? Despereaux explained that after a long, glamour-free life as an Interpol analyst, 10 years ago, his boss put him undercover as Despereaux. He never stole anything, and thanks to his stint in prison, he brought down two kingpins. Gus didn't believe there was such a thing as a police-sanctioned criminal and thought it was just Despereaux running a con, and who could blame him?

The silky-haired doppelganger Whether Despereaux was telling the truth or not, there was still a case and there was a Shawn doppelganger, who did nothing but spit, write notes, eat paper and spit some more. He was supposed to be the getaway driver for Ronnie's latest heist. Ronnie Ives, a criminal boss, never worked with the same crew twice and managed to pull off crimes then retreat back into the shadows. This was their chance to catch him, and that meant coaching Shawn on the driver's history.

Despereaux, Royston Cornwallace Staley, Corey, Westley, whatever his name, there was nothing better than Cary Elwes in this episode, especially as he had to deal with Shawn not even knowing where Philadelphia is and then completely ignoring everything he told him to say (nothing), do (nothing), and wear (not the hat, jacket, or gloves) going to meet Ronnie and Gus trying to get to his Harry Potter convention and track down Rupert Grint for a "Pottering" photo.

The meet takes a "Psych" turn Right from the start, it looked like Shawn might not even get a chance to ruin everything himself when Ronnie declared there was a traitor among them. Fortunately, he thought it was another guy and pulled him into another room for "a word," that word being a gunshot (presumably) to the head. So began Shawn's inability to pronounce Dierdre's name. When Ronnie declared that the heist was off, Despereaux told Shawn to make the job happen, and so he did, by using Gus (a.k.a. "The Wizard") to fill the empty spot left by the dead guy and somehow winning over Ronnie with his charming/eccentric/crazy self.

Gus argued he was busy with all his PotterCon events he was totally missing by running around chasing after someone he thought was Rupert Grint in the back alley of a pub, and after some arguing ("I am pretending to be a wizard. Get your fantasy fiction right."), stomping, and Shawn going "sexy beast" on him, Gus realized (or rather was left with no choice but to accept) that his only chance at any kind of cosplay during the trip was to go along with Shawn's plan. Sorry, Gus, no Butterbeer, Pottering photos, or Quidditch for you.

Harry Potter to the rescue! Gus lucked out that no one else in the crew had ever read the Harry Potter books as he listed his previous jobs, while Shawn decided that sharing a victory from when he was seven years old was the way to go as Ronnie ranted about his hatred of royalty since his father had to work hard in the mines. Then, of course, Despereaux had something else to hate as they decided to move to a second location.

At the warehouse, Ronnie tested Shawn's getaway driver skills with a timed course, and despite Shawn running over every single obstacle (and figure), Ronnie still liked him. He wasn't so sure about Gus, and despite Shawn trying to make "explosives dysfunction" a thing and 'arry thinking his wand was a listening device, Gus won them over with Floo powder and "Expecto Patronum!" before an explosion across the room. When Ronnie asked how he did that, Gus said, "Expecto Patronum" like it was an actual thing.

About that Despereaux/Staley thing… Upon returning to Interpol, Shawn revealed that he had taken Ronnie's keycard as Winston gave him the "follow protocol" spiel. However, then Winston revealed that he had only been working with "Staley" for a short time and barely knew him. He came in during a staff turnover, and no one around there really knew "Staley." The guy who hired him was a "legend" who never came out of the field and no one had ever met him. Gus was suspicious, and while Gus raided the office kitchen, Shawn decided to do some digging using someone from back home: Lassie. The former Head Detective was all too happy to drop what he was doing to look into this "Staley" and his boss, and he found nothing about either of them in Interpol's database. It looked like Gus was right about Despereaux.

The new kid in the gang Shawn convinced Winston to let him have Ronnie's keycard back and to keep the Staley/Despereaux business secret, and he and Gus checked out Ronnie's place. "Don't be "The Howling 2: Your Sister's a Werewolf,"" Shawn told Gus as he worried about getting killed if Ronnie found them. They snooped around, discovered Ronnie's father had died, realized it was all about Ronnie's hatred for royalty and he was going after a royal residence for the heist, and managed to get away after 'arry caught them by just giving up the keycard and their share of the heist (which, you know, no big deal since they weren't actually a getaway driver and explosives expert).

Shawn and Gus turned to Winston for help narrowing down the heist location, and it helped that Shawn remembered the blueprints of the house on the floor of the warehouse, before they ducked out to meet Ronnie at the warehouse with a lie for Despereaux that they were going to the hotel. Upon arriving at the warehouse, Ronnie declared it was time for the heist, for some reason still liked Shawn even though he couldn't even catch the keys he threw at him, and then declared they had another traitor, discovered 'arry had his keycard, and threw him out of the moving van. The crew needed another new replacement, and surprise! (or not), it was Despereaux.

The heist Despereaux continued to claim to be nice guy Interpol Deputy Director Staley who had to reprise his role as Despereaux one last time after Winston messed up and hid key information from him. (Poor Winston!) He did Gus' "job" for him since Floo powder clearly wasn't going to cut it as Lassie called to report that "Staley's" boss did exist but had been erased by someone with high clearance.

As for the heist part of the job, well, someone had already taken care of that – and murdered the royal Calvin Dorchester. Upon noticing the family crest and recognizing it from Ronnie's digs, Shawn put the pieces together. They were related, but Calvin had cut them all out, leaving Ronnie's father to work hard and die poor. So Ronnie set it all up and planned to tie it all together with a nice Gryffindor-colored bow by killing Shawn and Gus. Shawn was certain Despereaux/Staley/mostly-dead Westley for all they knew would rescue them, but he was a bit busy going out the back door with his own loot. However, he did come back and after trying to knock Ronnie out didn't work, they fought hand-to-hand until Despereaux won.

Seriously, who is Despereaux? (Though, do you really care as long as Cary Elwes keeps popping up?) As Shawn and Gus continued to question just who the guy who brought them to the UK was, a guy another guy told them was the boss who hired him wanted to see him. "How do you say suck it in English?" Shawn wanted to know. "You just did, Shawn." Despereaux was suspended, and so he packed up a box of expensive items, said his farewells, and headed out to some old dreary office. Or to steal more stuff. One of the two.

With PotterCon over, Shawn and Gus just had enough time for one drink and a ride to the airport, and who did they see standing outside the pub but "Staley's" supposed boss, a homeless man. So who is Despereaux?

"Psych" season 8 airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on USA Network. What did you think of the premiere "Lock, Stock, Some Smoking Barrels and Burton Guster's Goblet of Fire"?

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