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PS3/PS Vita Cross Buy promotion Europe only [Update: North America too]

We do not mention the words "Cross Buy" in North America or Japan. Sony doesn't at least.
We do not mention the words "Cross Buy" in North America or Japan. Sony doesn't at least.

One of Sony's big PS Vita and Playstation 3 announcements at Gamescom last week was the Cross Buy promotion. However, Sony Worldwide Studios head Shuhei Yoshida says this promotion is only confirmed in Europe in an interview released on Sunday.

Update: Yoshida cleared the air with the following update regarding Cross Buy in North America with the following quote on Twitter. "PS Vita-PS3 Cross Buy price promo is coming to both Europe and North America," he clarified. "My quote by Famitsu was meant as 'not decided for Japan yet.'"

Original Store:

The Cross Buy initiative gives those who purchase a PS3 version of select games a free downloadable PS Vita copy of the same title. Japanese magazine Famitsu asked Yoshida about the Cross Buy promotion for Japan where he said that the promotion is only confirmed for Europe for now.

This is an interesting stance for Sony and Yoshida to take as the US Playstation Blog promoted the Cross Buy initiative for Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time after Sony's conference at Gamescom. There is one curious omission in the Sly Cooper post though. "Cross Buy" is not written anywhere in the post or in any of the comment replies made by the Sony community managers.

Because of the curious name omission, we can only think that this is a case where Sony has not gotten the "Cross Buy" naming rights finalized in any region outside of Europe. It would certainly seem odd to go through the hassle of making your first and second party developers support such a feature and then limit it to one region.

We expect to see Sony make announcements for the Japanese and North American markets in the coming weeks. We should hope anyway.

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Via: Andriasang, US Playstation Blog


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