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Prophecy of the Heir author interview: JC Lamont

JC Lamont talks about her debut angels vs. demons novel, Prophecy of the Heir, champion of the 2007 Faith Writer’s “Page Turner” contest, and released in paperback and eBook on June 24 at and Barnes&

JC Lamont is author of Prophecy of the Heir.
JC Lamont is author of Prophecy of the Heir

Your bios on Facebook and your blog mention your love of fantasy and that you came to realize the Bible is a love story. What made you realize the Bible is a love story?

My father was a fundamentalist Baptist preacher who was emotionally and spiritually abusive behind closed doors. I left home at 17 believing that God could not look at me, or hear my prayers. I basically thought the God of the Bible was a harsh, judgmental dictator for whom I would never be good enough.

A few years later I hit rock bottom, went Goth, and started reading up on paganism. I went so far as to pick up a book about white witchcraft, but when I saw the pentagram inside, I knew I couldn’t cross that line. I was devastated, because this latest interest was the only thing keeping me going at the time. I walked around the corner, and came face to face with a shelf full of Bibles. Naturally, I didn’t read the Bible because it was a book that told me how worthless I was to God.

But somehow a Bible handbook caught my eye. It was written for older teens/young adults and each 4-page chapter summed up a particular book of the Bible. I got as far as the judges when I suddenly realized that, if God still loved the Israelites after all they did to him, despite their seeing His power, then He loved me too.

I never finished that book. I needed more. I bought myself a Bible, and read the whole thing in six months. Reading it that fast really highlighted the fact that it was ONE story—a love story between God and humankind. I immediately wanted to share this newfound knowledge with the world, but knew that jumping up and down trying to convince people the Bible wasn’t boring and that they should read it really fast wouldn’t be very successful. A few months later, I got the idea to rewrite it, if you will, as a fantasy novel with angels and demons as the main characters.

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