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Propanc seeks patent protection on new cancer treatment

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Recently, Propanc Health Group Corp. (OTC: PPCH) announced steps toward potentially receiving patent protection in the United States and Europe with its proprietary technology designed to treat certain forms of cancer. The Australia-based company has received grant status in South Africa, and it has recently received notification from U.S. and European patent offices that key features of the company's technology are patentable.

Anti-Cancer Compounds

In an investor presentation held earlier this year, management announced that it's developing a long-term therapy to prevent metastases and maintain a cancer patient once the primary tumors are resolved. Metastases eventually kills most cancer patients, even after the primary tumor has been eradicated.

According to the presentation, Propanc's therapeutic approach (1) increases the activity of proteins which create and maintain cell differentiation; (2) activates growth factors which contribute to cancer cell growth; (3) stops cancer cells from accessing their necessary blood supply to grow.

The company has developed a "composite formulation of anti-cancer compounds which enable and support a host of cancer treatment options," according to its website. Its approach to treatment involves proenzymes, which are inactive precursors of enzymes. The formulation could have anti-cancer effects.

The Australian-based company shares a joint intellectual property ownership arrangement with its research partner in the United Kingdom, the University of Bath.

Surge in Stock Price

This month, Propanc has seen its OTC stock nearly quadruple in price as it advances in its patent application in the U.S. and Europe, two of the world's largest markets for pharmaceutical sales.

The stock's price range could move beyond 0.50 later this year, especially if the company makes further progress with its patent filings. Outside of the U.S., Europe, and South Africa, Propanc is actively seeking patent protection in Japan, Brazil, China, Mexico, Hong Kong, Israel, Chile, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

"I am pleased that our substantial efforts and pioneering research into the effects of proenzymes as a treatment against metastatic cancer have resulted in recognition by the Patent Offices in the US and Europe of the novelty of our claims," said CEO James Nathanielsz on Friday's press statement.