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Project Eternity goes DRM-free plus new info on souls and game world

Concept Art from Project Eternity showing guns and other weapons.
Concept Art from Project Eternity showing guns and other weapons.
Obsidian Entertainment

Obsidian Entertainment's Kickstarter for Project Eternity continues to truck along as it closes in on the $1.8 million stretch goal level. The developer revealed a partnership with GOG on Wednesday and new information Thursday about the souls and where the game's civilizations are technologically.

After listening to fan suggestions, Obsidian is taking Project Eternity DRM-free with a partnership with GOG. Backers will be able to choose whether they want to get the game through GOG or Steam once the Kickstarter ends on October 16. Mac users are Steam only though since GOG does not support that platform.

Obsidian also provided a lengthy update on how souls works in the game. It's all very metaphysical stuff where souls move from one life to another. Sometimes they stay whole, sometimes they fracture and sometimes multiple souls inhabit the same body, which can cause problems.

Souls are also a source of strength and power in the game and those with strong souls are capable of extraordinary acts feats either physical or magical.

The technology available to the different civilizations in Project Eternity range from the equivalent of the Stone Age to the late Middle Ages. The most powerful civilizations have full suits of articulated plate armor, a variety of military swords, war hammers, polearms, longbows, crossbows, and advanced siege weaponry available to them. Gunpowder is available as well but guns are in the very early stages and only capable of a single volley. Surprisingly, this is effective against magical defenses used by wizards.

Some cultures have taken to the sea to begin exploring the world as well but their explorations are limited by monstrous sea creatures that roam the water.

Finally, Obsidian added in a new $5,000 tier to the Project Eternity Kickstarter that will let backers name ad held design an enemy adventuring company. Only six slots were made available at this level and two have already been purchased.

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