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‘Progressive’ critics confirm premise of Vanderboegh Texas speech

“Video taken at the Big Spring event is not available at this writing, so this column will be updated once it is posted,” Gun Rights Examiner wrote at the end of a June 24 column about a speech given by citizen journalist and rights advocate Mike Vanderboegh at an Open Carry Texas “Meet and Greet” last month. That video is now available and part one is embedded at the top of this post.

Hate-filled "progressive" disparagement confirms everything Vanderboegh observes about "two countries."
Open Carry Texas Facebook Page/Mike Homefire

“We are at present two peoples, two countries really, living within a common border and sharing (mostly) a common language but divided upon the answer to this question: does the government serve the people or do the people serve the government?” Vanderboegh noted, along with a sobering observation. “History tells us -- the Founders would tell us themselves were they here -- that neither side of such a divide will surrender without a fight, which means there WILL be a fight. To think otherwise is to whistle past the graveyard of our own history...”

That was noted by “progressive” critics feigning shock -- shock -- that anyone would conclude that people who mean to rule by ignoring proper restraints on government can live in harmony with those who won't let them.

“Horrified collectivist gets around to reporting my speech in Big Spring, Texas,” Vanderboegh noted with amusement on his Sipsey Street Irregulars blog, linking to a piece on The Raw Story that proclaimed -- without any elaboration to prove the contention -- that the “anti-government activist who encourages armed resistance to ‘tyrannical’ government forces” had “offered a false dichotomy.”

Ever eager to prove their ignorance and commitment to keeping things that way, no shortage of comment posters chimed in to unintentionally validate everything Vanderboegh and those who agree with him have observed about “two people, two countries.”

“I can't wait to see MiAi [sic] tanks,RPGs,M-60 machine guns, and, Blackhawk helicopters do battle with the pop gun toting *******s. Let the battle commence!” exclaimed one, echoing the war-making on their behalf (by others) sentiment of monopoly of violence cultists.

“I also like the idea of calling 911 and letting them know there is an armed individual and you cannot tell if they are a good guy or a bad guy,” offered another, perfectly happy to violate the law and place lives in danger, evidently to advance the cause of “common sense gun safety,” not to mention upping "gun death" statistics that can then be exploited to call for more citizen disarmament.

“Tea partiers, gun rights guys, Libertarians and the Republicans in general, are a domestic terror threat,” maintained another, essentially agreeing with "true champion of the Second Amendment" Harry Reid.

“My **** is bigger than an inch, so I don't need a gun to feel like a big man,” yet another chimed in, ensuring the obligatory “progressive” fixation on such matters assumed its place of prominence in that “national conversation on guns” we’re supposed to want to engage in with them.

Does anyone think such as these are interested in any dialog beyond "Surrender or be destroyed"?

Gun Rights Examiner readers are encouraged to watch the above video, and then to watch -- and share -- part two for the conclusion of Vanderboegh’s speech (the second one lasts slightly over one minute, so do take the time to watch it).


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