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Pro skateboarders team up with contemporary visual artists on fingerboard expo

"A bomb in a bowl" poster
Exhibit A Gallery

Fingerboarding is a discipline that grew enormously in popularity in the 90’s and its community is definitely an extension of the traditional skateboarding audience.

A working replica of a real skateboard (about 1:8 scaled), a person "rides" it by replicating skateboarding tricks with their fingers instead of their feet.

To unite the communities of skateboarding, fingerboarding and art, and to present a unique expression of this root of the skate culture, Exhibit A Gallery is holding an art exhibition titled "A Bomb in a Bowl – The Art of Bombed Miniature Concrete Skate Bowls.

Paying homage to the history of bowl riding and the visual esthetics surrounding the punk attitude culture, select contemporary artists and professional skateboarders such as Tony Alva, Christian Hosoi, Steve Caballero, Jake Brown, Mimi Knoop, RISK, Nathan Ota, Richard Villa III, Esao Andrews, Joshua Petker and more will hand paint their style of art and subject matter on miniature concrete poured skate bowls.

These bowls are not toys but, in fact, concrete replicas of a real skate bowl, encased in a custom maple wood stand.

Exhibit A Gallery is the same space where Tony Alva houses his skateshop and is famous for been promoting creativity and giving lesser-known artists opportunities to be shown side by side with some of their best contemporary peers.

Although the opening night is by invitation only, check it out after November, 30th. The address is 1056 S. Fairfax Ave., Los Angeles , CA 90019.

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