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Pro-gun group to Conn. lawmakers: Either enforce or repeal gun control law

Pro-gun group tells Connecticut to either enforce gun control law or repeal it.
Pro-gun group tells Connecticut to either enforce gun control law or repeal it.
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In a press release issued Monday, Connecticut Carry, a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms, issued a challenge to state lawmakers: Either enforce or repeal the gun control laws passed last year.

According to the group, "people from Connecticut and around the nation are tired of being threatened," and are ready to make a stand. Moreover, the organization said the State of Connecticut "does not have the stomach to enforce the edicts and laws with which they threaten gun owners."

“From Governor Malloy, to Undersecretary Lawlor to DESPP, Commissioner Schriro, and Lieutenant Cooke of the firearms unit, and including Lt. Paul Vance, the state needs to s**t, or get off the pot. The fact is, the state does not have the balls to enforce these laws. The laws would not survive the public outcry and resistance that would occur," Connecticut Carry Director Ed Peruta said.

The group also said higher-ups in the state, including Undersecretary Michael Lawlor, the upper levels of the State Police, and Gov. Dannel Malloy, have long sought to disarm law-abiding gun owners.

The current laws were passed in response to the tragic Newtown school shooting, despite hearing from thousands of gun supporters in the state.

But thousands have refused to obey, some out of civil disobedience, others out of of ignorance of the law. And it appears the state is not sure how to proceed.

"Despite all the severe legal language that the government passed, there is still no open discussion of enforcing those tyrannical laws, as they stand," Connecticut Carry said. "Throughout the Legislature and the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP), there is only talk of 'amnesty' and possibly boiling the frog at a slower rate."

Recently, news broke of a so-called "confiscation" letter being sent to some late registrants, but the Daily Caller said Monday the validity of the letter was questioned when Gun Digest contacted Connecticut’s Special Licensing and Firearms Unit.

A spokesperson for the department reportedly told Gun Digest no such letter had been sent from their office.

The Blaze added in an update to an article on the letter:

A spokesperson with the Special Licensing and Firearms Unit of the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection told TheBlaze that a letter has been drafted to send to gun owners who are found to be in possession of unregistered semi-automatic rifles deemed illegal by the state’s new gun control law. However, “not a one” letter has been sent out so far.

Nevertheless, Connecticut Carry says it's time for the state to either enforce the law and let it be fought in court, or repeal the measure.

"They have roared on paper, but they have violated Principle. Now it's time for the State to man-up: either enforce its edicts or else stand-down and return to the former laws that did not so violently threaten the citizens of this state," the group said.

The organization gave state lawmakers until May 7, 2014, to repeal the law if it chooses not to enforce it.

If, the group adds, the state chooses to get "froggy" with Connecticut citizens, it promised to "do whatever it takes and whatever it can do to represent and defend anyone impacted by the State’s violence."

Ironically, Examiner's Dave Workman said, Connecticut is known as “The Constitution State.”



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