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Priming the brain

In a recent article the topic of environmental influences was discussed about how marketing firms target consumers by basically planting subliminal messages into the psyche in order to alter purchasing patterns to benefit their businesses. Today’s article offers insight to help you utilize a similar technique, I recently discovered, called Priming the Brain. It is a process you can implement into your daily routine that will hopefully help to influence your thoughts, positively, and perhaps enable you to be a bit more ambitious in your life.

How motivated are you?
Lifetime Art Impressions, LLC photo explains, “On the dull end of the spectrum, it's similar to self-affirmation. On the crazier end of the spectrum, it bears some similarities with neuro-linguistic programming. Priming your brain involves reciting a given set of words that are designed to alter your mindset… it can accomplish… putting you into a [more healthy] state of mind…”

The article shares that we do not remember everything in our short-term memory but it isn’t entirely lost. Portions or these experiences and/or words are retained and later triggered.

Keeping this in mind, Lifehacker shares that we can actually plant trigger words to encourage more positive thoughts, emotions and actions in our daily lives.

“…the goal is to place common words that, when apart, have no real specific value, but when together, have an associative value that make you think… If any of those common words come up again later in the day, you'll immediately associate that word with the associative value of the group. Here's an example:

…do, go, make, create, purpose, enthusiasm, eager [and] motivation

This is a list of words synonymous with or related to ambition. It's designed to be read aloud to put you in a more ambitious mindset, focusing your thoughts and priming your brain to react ambitiously when these words, or portions of these words, come up later in your day.”

Is this something you might considering trying? We are creatures of habits and many times products of our environment so why not try to sprinkle a little more positivity into it? If you’re a list person, like me, priming your brain may be right up your alley!

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