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Priceless: Anti-2nd Amendment Rep wants EBT users to be able to buy guns

The Moonbattiness of Timothy Horrigan
The Moonbattiness of Timothy Horrigan
Photo by Kimberly Morin

The bats were certainly working over-time in the moonbat belfry of anti-2nd Amendment Representative Timothy Horrigan (D-Durham) today. The Rep stood on the floor of the New Hampshire House and claimed that EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer aka welfare) users should be able to purchase guns with taxpayer money. How the other Reps in the House didn’t burst out laughing is unknown. He was referring to SB 203 - "AN ACT relative to permissible uses of electronic benefit transfer (EBT) cards."

The bill specifically prohibits EBT users from purchasing items listed such as firearms. It’s twisted comic irony that Horrigan actually used the 2nd Amendment as a reason welfare recipients should be allowed to purchase firearms. The guy consistently votes against 2nd Amendment rights in New Hampshire. Horrigan hasn’t met a gun control bill he doesn’t love.

He voted for the repeal of the "Stand Your Ground" law that would allow Granite Staters to protect themselves and their families in public if attacked. Apparently Horrigan only believes you should ‘stand your ground’ with your EBT card. To be fair, he believes EBT users should be able to purchase anything they want with their taxpayer money (including alcohol, tattoos, and lap dances etc).

Horrigan has a 17% rating from the NRA – lower than most of the Democrats in the Massachusetts’ legislature! So to hear an adamant enforcer of gun control push for 2nd Amendment Rights of EBT users was beyond amusing. It also shows you how the moonbat belfry of some Democrats works. Horrigan is really a special case but he has many fellow Democrats in the House who "think" using the same twisted "logic". It’s almost frightening that these people get elected. If their constituents actually listened to some of the things they said on the House floor, they'd probably never get elected again.