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Preview: Hands on 'Tetris Blitz' for iOS and Android

“Tetris Blitz” eschews the classic game of "Tetris" where players try to stay alive as long as possible. Instead you'll focus on racking up the highest score within two short heart-pounding minutes. The brevity of “Tetris Blitz” makes it a perfect mobile game, allowing players complete a round here or there while waiting in line at a store or any other time you're stuck with just a couple minutes to kill.

"Tetris Blitz" Screenshots
Electronic Arts Inc.
"Tetris Blitz" logo
Electronic Arts Inc.

“Tetris Blitz isn't a marathon, it's a sprint.”

There's two ways to play this new twist on the classic favorite. One touch mode works exactly how it sounds, allowing you to drop Tetriminos in a rapid fire fashion. The game even suggests where to place the blocks. Alternatively you can drag and drop the Tetriminos.

Powerups can help you reach a higher score than your Facebook friends and can be acquired with points earned from playing the game or through in-app purchases. When you use your points to gain a powerup it lasts for three rounds before you need to buy it again.

You're able to use up to three powerups in each game. The powerups appear as special Tetriminos, and when you clear a line containing it its effect will go off. Examples include “Quake” which clears three lines and “Magnet” which pulls all Tetrimino blocks to the left of the screen so there's no holes. Although the game will only launch with a few, a new “limited-time” powerup will be released every week that players can unlock in their games.

Once you've cleared seven lines you'll enter “frenzy” mode with additional point multipiers. Another new addition are finishers, which sometimes allow you to end the game with a colorful explosion and massive amount of extra points.

Because the games last only two minutes each I was able to play several in the span of time that would've taken me to meet an untimely death in normal "Tetris." The best part? No more frustration - the game doesn't end when your Tetriminos hit the top of the screen.

“Tetris Blitz” hits iOS and Android “Spring of 2013.” For more information about the game visit

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