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Pretty Funny Women are professional high style comediennes

Lisa Sundstedt is Pretty FUnny Women's Madam of Comedy.
Lisa Sundstedt

As a Green Life Examiner, one might question the connection to Pretty Funny Women. I support women, that's the connection and how much greener could I be? Women's Issues are huge. And last night's lineup of Pretty Funny Women at Flappers in Burbank all are real women with real issues. Frankly, I laughed from the moment emcee Kimrie Davis began the 8:00 set.

In 1996, founder and funny lady Lisa Sundstedt started Pretty Funny Women to fill a niche providing female comedians with training designed by a woman. Today Pretty, Funny Women is the longest running, all female stand-up comedy show in the country. Pretty Funny Women are not females trying to act like male comedians. These are women discussing body issues, men, women, recycling boyfriends and girlfriends, ( green again!) alcoholism, lesbianism, sexism and child birth. Issues that affect women without leaving out men. And the audience was definitely not predominately female. This was the Main Room at Flappers Comedy Club and it was packed to standing room, with every race and gender of people.

According to Sundstedt, "I created a platform for women to be women. I don't book comics who are too dirty or unoriginal. Rape jokes, abortion jokes, "I'm a whore" jokes or any of the other easy "go to" premises that new comics often tend to gravitate toward are frowned upon unless they are incredibly smart. Sarah Silverman does that beautifully...why bother?" Sundstedt said.

"My show is unapologetic, clean, irreverent and girlie. I love beautiful women and in my opinion, there is nothing more powerful than a smart, funny, attractive woman who owns her sexuality. Pretty, Funny Women are not self deprecating, mean or raunchy. A Pretty Funny Woman is a woman who is genuinely true to herself. I encourage all of my students to discover their unique voice, find the beauty within and celebrate it!"

Last night's line up of comediennes included Bergin Williams, Emily Wassler, Jianine Giorgio, Karla Watkins, Lindsey Reckis, Marguerite Henry, Mindy Lipton, Samantha Hale, Tammy Taveres andTory Shulman with Lisa Sundstedt performing the finale. I have not been so impressed with a comedy troupe like this in many years. That is also the reason I list all of them by name. These women have the potential and the performance skills to go big. As to Lisa Sundstedt, her set was incredible. Granted she is their teacher, however she went on and played the audience like a piano. Sundstedt raises the bar on comediennes not ony by training and putting out solid talent but by her own terrific performance.

Over 500 women are now Pretty Funny Women alumnae with 100's of regular comics who perform on the show as well.

According to Sundstedt, "Pretty Funny Women started as a show in 96 with a showcase added when I started teaching in 2005," Sundstedt said. "I now mainly book my alumni students on every line up."

Comediennes from Pretty Funny Women are regularly seen on network television series, national commercials sitcoms, Comedy Central Specials and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Well know funny women featured in Pretty Funny Women include Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, Sherri Shepherd, Margaret Cho and Aisha Tyler.

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