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President Obama visits Ft. Bliss

General Austin speaking to President Obama after his exit off Air Force One
General Austin speaking to President Obama after his exit off Air Force One
RayWork Productions

Today President Obama visited Ft. Bliss, in El Paso, Tx today. He arrived to announce a new executive order expanding suicide prevention and substance-abuse services for those who have served in the armed forces.

He signed the orders this morning and then flew in on Air Force One to speak privately to some military families and then to address the public and press.

“Coming home can be its own struggle, especially for wounded warriors, so we’ve poured tremendous resources into this effort,” Obama said, the soldiers listening to him shouting “Hooah” after almost every line. “Everyone has a responsibility to help a comrade who’s hurting.”

“Part of ending these wars responsibly is caring for those who fought in them,” Obama said. “We may be turning a page on a decade of war, but America’s responsibilities to you have only just begun.”

Obama said he would send troops into harm’s way only when “absolutely necessary,” and only with the best equipment to keep them safe." He touch on the on going war and the need to bring troops home.

“We’re not just ending these wars,” Obama said. “We’re doing it in a way that keeps America safe and makes America stronger. And that includes our military. Think about it. Just four years ago there were some 180,000 troops in Iraq and afghan. By next month we will have cut that number by nearly two thirds. So most of our troops have come home.”

I will add more pictures of The Presidents Visit to El Paso & Ft. Bliss Soon. Please visit


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