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President Obama says Biden would make a superb president

President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden
President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

President Barack Obama said that Vice President Joe Biden would make a superb president, according to a Chicago Tribune report on Monday. Yet, the president questioned whether or not his current vice president or his former secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, would want to endure another campaign for the White House. Both Biden and Clinton have vied for the White House in the past.

While being interviewed by the New Yorker, President Obama said that Vice President Biden has seen the job up close and he knows what the job entails. He went on to say that Biden understands how to separate what is really important from what is less important in the job. Obama thinks he has got great people skills. Additionally, Obama says that Biden enjoys politics and has got important relationships in the United States Congress which would serve him well as commander in chief.

Obama said that both Biden and Clinton have already accomplished a great deal in their lives. He questions whether or not either of them, at this phase in their lives, really want to go through the pretty undignifying process of running for president again, according to GMA News. Clinton is 66 years old and Biden is 71 years old.

Though Obama speculated who the next president may be, in the interview which was published on Monday in the New Yorker, neither of the two well-known Democratic politicians has announced that they are running for the Democratic nomination for president in the next presidential election. Hillary Clinton has managed to dodge the question about a run for 2016 repeatedly – something that isn’t easy to do while she is constantly in the forefront as she promotes her book, “Hard Choices,” on the road and on television. As for Biden, he has said that being vice president is the most worthwhile thing he’s ever done and that he can die a happy man not being president.