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President Obama's youngest daughter's real name is not 'Sasha'

Natasha Obama (known as Sasha)

When President Barack Obama's recent tax returns were revealed, observers discovered something that had not been widely known before.

Since President Obama and his family came into the spotlight years ago, many things about them have been noticed, and their every move has been scrutinized and talked about. This one thing many of us didn't know before.

When the tax returns forms were shown on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams pointed out a line that shows Sasha's real name is "Natasha." Who knew?

Most profiles of President Obama list the name "Sasha" rather than "Natasha." The name on her birth certificate is Natasha Obama.

Most of the time when a person's real name is "Natasha," the shortened form is "Tasha." Perhaps her little sister at the time found it difficult to say "Natasha" and called her "Sasha" and the name stuck.

It is not uncommon for a shortened form of names or nicknames to be used so much that the real name become overlooked. Such has been the case with President Barack and First Lady Michelle Obama's second daughter Natasha, known as Sasha who was born in 2001.

President Obama's oldest daughter Malia Ann was born in 1998. Her name has not been shortened; however, the middle name is not regularly used. No middle name was listed for Sasha, the youngest child to reside in the White House since John F. Kennedy, Jr. moved in as an infant in 1961.


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