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President Barack Obama started his birthday weekend with golf

President Barack Obama starts his birthday weekend with golf
President Barack Obama starts his birthday weekend with golf
Photo by Pool/Getty Images

President Barack Obama's birthday is not until Aug. 4, but on Saturday Yahoo News reported that our Commander-in-Chief has started celebrating his birthday already. He opened his birthday weekend with a round of golf with friends before traveling to the presidential retreat in the Catoctin Mountains for the weekend.

Obama turns 53 on Monday. He did what has become an annual birthday ritual for him and his friends. He joined friends for an early morning round of golf on Saturday at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland. Even though there was a chance of rain, the president was able to get in 18 holes with his golfing pals: Mike Ramos, Bobby Titcomb and Greg Orme. They are longtime friends since they were children in Hawaii. The foursome played against eight other golfers, but Obama and his team finished with the winning score.

By winning the golf game, Obama's three teammates earned a ride with the president aboard Marine One for the short flight to Camp David. Cornell McClellans, his personal trainer, joined the president on the helicopter, but other golfer traveled to the retreat site by car. With all those golfers on site, we know how the president will spend some of his time.

The White House confirmed that the president would return to the White House on Sunday afternoon, but it did not report what Obama had in store for the rest of his birthday weekend or whether his wife and children would join him there.

Even at 53, Obama still believes birthday are special. This is evident because on Friday at the end of his news conference in the Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, he joked with the press about not asking him how he was going to celebrate his birthday.

No doubt there will be more news surrounding the president's actual birthday on Monday. In the meantime, we wish him a "Happy Birthday."

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