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Pregnant moose gives birth after being killed by car

Moose cow
Moose cow
Wikimedia Commons

A pregnant moose walking along Highway170 in L'Anse St. Jean,Quebec was hit by a car so hard that that it forced her to expel her unborn calf as she died. In fact, passerbys who witnessed the accident found the female calf still in her gestational sac, covered by amniotic fluid beneath the car that killed her mother. Realizing the baby was still alive, they quickly unblocked her windpipe and wrapped her in blankets before calling the Falardeau Zoo to come to the rescue.

The zoo, located in Saguenay, is known for rehabilitating animals, then caring for those that cannot (by Quebec law) be released back into the wild.

Farlardeau founders and co-owners Daniel Gagnon and Suzie Girard praised the "first responders" for saving the baby's life, and reported that she is now under the care of veterinarians who gave her her "first crucial milk" (colostrum) before tending to some minor abrasions. The little moose, which has since been christened "Star" has been given a "9 out of 10 chance for survival," and will most likely join the zoo's herd of 4 adult moose.

For more information about the Falardeau Zoo, interested readers can contact them directly at 418 673-4602.