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Pregnancy tests in bars: Alaska decides to offer them free

Pregnancy Test
Pregnancy Test
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Bars in Alaska have made a pretty big decision. On Monday, Fox News shared that they will now be offering pregnancy tests and they will be for free. They are the state that has the highest rate of fetal alcohol syndrome and they are thinking that this is a way to help put a stop to it.

In December, they will place these pregnancy tests in 20 different bars and restaurants. They will be available when you go into the restroom and you can take one for free. The thought must be that women will take the test, find out they are pregnant for sure and then make the smart decision to not drink while at the facility. Condoms will also be available in the same restrooms free of charge.

One other reason they are putting these tests out there is they feel like the warnings are taken more serious when on a box of a pregnancy test than on a poster on the wall. They are hoping that women will read these warnings and think twice about what they are doing. The tests will be paid for by a state-funded program initiated by researchers from the University of Alaska.

NY Daily News shared that this is actually a $400,000 project that Alaska is undertaking. It is a state funded project. The original proposal for the project came from Senator Pete Kelly back in March and the tests will be available in December. It did not take Alaska very long to get this project going.

These tests are meant for women who are aware that they shouldn't drink when they are pregnant. They can find out really early on and keep from damaging their babies by going ahead and binge drinking. It will be interesting to see how the statistics change in Alaska. If it does well, this could be something that other states think is a great idea and decide to pick up on as well.