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Predictions from Jesus given to Howard Storm after he "died."

The Rev. Howard Storm, former atheist who died and saw Jesus.
The Rev. Howard Storm, former atheist who died and saw Jesus.
The Rev, Howard Storm

Howard Storm was an atheist art professor who would not tolerate anyone speaking about religion or God in his presence, and especially in his classroom. An experience in Paris changed all that and completely altered Howard's life. After he "died" in a Paris hospital, he met Jesus, who answered all of Howard's questions.

During his death experience, Storm was told that God wants to end all wars and that the two World Wars were caused by people who were intent on killing. He was also told that there will be no more world conflicts.
There is a possibility of a nuclear accident only.

The angels that Howard Storm saw while on the other side answered many questions that he posed. When he asked where creation came from they answered that there was never time, matter or space before God. God created universes which became proactive, and there are countless intelligent beings in the universe.

Howard asked who managed all of this great creation and was told that the angels cause events to           happen and take care of the property, so to speak.  Another question, what is reality?, received the reply that much of the supernatural is just that which we cannot understand. However, the religious mysteries can bring us to the to the knowledge of the true nature of reality.

"What is the best religion?" The religion that brings one closest to God. There is not a specific religion that it the right one.

"Is Jesus the son of God?" He is indeed. And all the things that were written about Him in the bible are true. In fact, all the books in the world could not contain all that He has said and done.

"What is atheism?" It is not possible to believe in nothing, therefore atheism does not exist.

At  the time of hie death experience, 1985, Storm was told that the Cold War would end in a couple of years...something he did not believe possible. He was also told that God wished for worldwide conversion and those who accepted His will would thrive.

Howard Storm, who became a Christian minister after his experience, was told that the United States had been given much, and that much was expected in return. If the country retained its greedy attitude it would suffer a collapsed economy which could result in civil unrest. It must show its goodness and generosity and become a model for the rest of the world.

Howard Storm wrote a book, "My Descent into Death," in 2000. Published  by Clairview and available at all bookstores.


  • Anonymous 4 years ago

    I had read his book; growing up with out any church nor religion, I would browse Barnes & Nobles for books similar to this subject, a long term search. Many of lifes experiences and events caused me to question if God exists. Deeply certain that something is out there, propelled my research for more NDE's. How can a vast majority of souls who have lived centuries on this Earth be wrong ?, they all seem to point to some Entity...."God". No, I am not an Atheist, just someone who chose not to follow organized religion. This book grips you into reading further making one realize that our soul is up for a decision...ours !. We have choices and I would rather choose God than not.

  • Ming 3 years ago

    In truth, though many Christians regard NDEs with skepticism, and perhaps understandably this case, at least, I as a Christian am willing to support Howard Storm. I truly believe that his experience was real, and that God did give him a glimpse of His truth. Read the book yourself and decide. God bless Howard Storm.

  • Anonymous 3 years ago

    I agree with Ming. God bless Storm and all of the whole wide world! The choices in life are ours and we must life wisely and gracefully. Loving and supporting one another is the most precious commandment from God :)

  • steve barnes 1 year ago

    Brill, il get the book

  • jacob 1 year ago

    Nobody, much less Christians, can condemn anybody to Hell because in the end it all boils down to one's decision to call on the name of the Lord or not. If one's choice is to reject God then the Lord will respect that decision and allow him to face and experience its horrible consequences so that no one can blame God for the ultimate bad or wrong choice that he makes.

  • Jean 1 year ago

    The only way to know if God is real, is to ask Him. Call on Jesus with sincere heart, and ask Him to show you if He is real

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