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Powerball numbers: Florida jackpot winner helps hometown

Powerball numbers: Florida jackpot winner helps hometown
Powerball numbers: Florida jackpot winner helps hometown
Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Powerball numbers were drawn last night with no jackpot winner. But the winner of the all-time record jackpot is going to help out her hometown. According to Florida Today on July 25, 2013, Gloria is donating $2 million dollars to fix the roof of the high school her children attended in Maine.

"Gloria MacKenzie, whose $590.5 million prize in June was the largest single-winner Powerball jackpot ever, has promised to donate about $2 million to Schenck High in East Millinocket, where her children attended school and her daughter has taught for 39 years."

The roof was is desperate need of repair and Superintendent Quenten Clark was eternally grateful to MacKenzie. They are hoping that the donation will be approval by this fall so that the needed work can start next summer. This was not the first reported generosity by the big winner. In June witnesses claimed in "Powerball winner picks up tab for entire restaurant," that it was her, although the woman in the store denied it.

The Powerball numbers drawn last night were 9, 29, 40, 44, and 54, with a Powerball of 7. There was no winner of the Powerball jackpot. The estimated jackpot for the next draw stands at $166 million.

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