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Power in the hands

When you look at your hands do you see the beauty they entail or do you see flaws? Take a moment to really examine your hands, absorb all that they represent.

We connect with the universe through our hands also.
Praying hands

If your hands are callused, it is likely this coarseness is indication of your hard work. Instead of seeing this as a flaw, appreciate how you’ve manifested the fruits of your labor through God’s amazing gift, your hands. These are your creative tools; think of all that you’ve touched and/or shaped with your hands. They have helped you make your mark.

Do you realize you hold the power of change and resolve within your hands? They can aid you in all that you do. If you feel like you have nowhere to turn and you’re overwhelmed, reach out for a helping hand. If something isn’t working for you in your life, put your hands together in prayer and seek celestial guidance. If you’re feeling unloved, hold the hand of someone special or someone in need; tenderness is conveyed through touch. If your life feels empty; use your hands in support of another because when you give, you will receive in return. Acknowledge those who surround you, offer a reassuring pat on the back. If you lack strength, start boxing, try pull ups or push ups; this will gift balance and physical resilience. Your hands build your world. Realize this manifestation.

Whatever you are doing, do not forget to raise your hands to the heavens and give praise; show appreciation because a grateful perspective is foundational to an acceptance of the present moment and for seeding inspiration into the future.

Don’t under-estimate the power of your hands. If life isn’t working use these wonderful tools to create change. Promise me you’ll build a life worthy of the miracle of you; let’s shake hands on this to firm your commitment!

I will leave you with words from the King James Bible, Psalm 90:17, “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.”

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