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Pork eating crusader patch is insulting to most Muslims

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It seems “pork eating crusader patch” is a big hit among some of the troops in Afghanistan.

Not so much among the Muslim community however - who look at the patch as a symbol of America’s hatred and contempt for their religion.

In Islam “pork” is forbidden for religious reasons.

Promoting pork and the eating of pork is not permissible in Islam.

The “pork eating crusader” patch is sold online and are reported sometimes worn on soldier’s uniforms and gear as gimmicks and jokes.

See website: Infidel wear

The patch includes an image of a knight in a Crusade's tunic, with blood red eyes eating what appears to be a large ham hock.

Beneath it is written an inscription in both English and Arabic reading “pork eating crusader.” (see article: The Pork Eating Crusader Patch Is A Huge Hit With Troops In Afghanistan ).

One Muslim in Wichita, who declined to be named in this report described the patch as “satanic.”

“It’s really in your face", he said.

In Afghanistan locals reportedly perceive the patch as a insult against Islam.

We called the Pentagon last week to ask about its policy toward wearing patches, such as the “Pork Eating crusader” and no one would dare speak to us on the subject so sensitive or controversial.

One official, did say “any patch not expressly authorized by the military in advance are not allowed on the BDU uniform.”

“Soldiers can wear such patches on all civilian clothing such as a shirts, pants or jackets or sew them onto book bags”, he said. “But not on the BDU itself.”

Apart from the controversy of who can wear the patch and whether it is authorized or not as part of a BDU uniform - soldiers go too far, I think, if they wear the patch while out on combat patrol missions in order to get noticed by local Muslims in Afghanistan.

That is just my personal opinion.

Robert Tilford