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Popularity of animal brothels increasing in Germany (Petitions)

The terms bestiality and zoophilia are the formal names for a very sick and demented practice, which is having sex with animals for pleasure. Cases of these heinous acts against innocent animals are heard about with alarmingly-increasing frequency and now there is a disturbing trend in Germany, with more animal brothels opening up in those countries. (Source.)

Two horses in Denmark who were raped
Two horses in Denmark who were raped
An orangutan "prostitute" in Borneo

Many people would rather not even know this goes on at all, but sadly it does indeed go on all around the world, bringing immense physical and emotional pain and suffering to helpless animals of all shapes and sizes.

In the recent past, numerous stories about the sexual abuse and rape of animals have been published here in this column. In the list of links shown as "Suggested by the author" are just 5 of the ones published in only the past few months for cases involving the sexual abuse of animals.

At the website there is an shockingly-long list of cases involving the sexual abuse of animals here in the United States. These are just the ones that have been brought to the attention of authorities, but clearly represent just the tip of a very ugly iceberg.

Now it appears bestiality/zoophilia is considered a "lifestyle choice" in Denmark and Germany with more animal brothels being opened, as there are no laws to ban their existence. The laws in Germany are due to be revised, so it is hoped this atrocity will finally become illegal. The irony is that the distribution of pornography involving animals is illegal, while the actual act of having sex with an animal is not.

Last August an article was published in this column, listing the 17 states here in America where there are still no laws against bestiality. You can access that story here or at the link provided below. Clearly the laws around the world are seriously lacking when it comes to the protection of innocent animals from this type of horror.

There are numerous petitions currently being circulated with regard to the subject of bestiality and all are linked below. These petitions can be signed by anyone from any country. While clearly there are a lot of them, please consider adding your voice to these petitions. It is a "call to arms" of sorts, since this is an atrocity that must end for the sake of the innocent animals suffering untold pain and anguish every single day at the hands of sick monsters.

In any area where there are no laws against this horror, the only legal recourse is if an animal is shown to have serious or life-threatening injuries. In those cases, animal cruelty charges can be filed. Failing that, nothing legally can be done about it and the animals continue to suffer.

The animals are helpless victims and have no ability to stop the incredible pain and suffering being inflicted upon them. It is up to advocates everywhere to speak out and be heard in order to end this atrocity.

Click here to sign the petition: "Outlaw Bestiality Brothels in Germany."

Click here to sign the petition: "PETITION TO DENMARK: Bestiality is Very Dangerous to Public Health due to Zoonotic diseases."

Click here for the petition: "PETITION: Federal Definition of Bestiality as Obscene and Federal Crime."

Click here to sign the petition: "Prohibition of Bestiality video creation and distribution; other protections against exploitation."

Click here to sign the petition: "Ban Bestiality."

Click here to sign the petition: "Bestiality in our State is an embarrassment."

Click here to sign the petition: "Stop Military Bestiality!"

Click here to sign the petition: "Protect Animals From Being Raped and Make Bestiality a Felony in Ohio!"

Click here for the petition: "Governor: Make Bestiality Illegal in Connecticut."

Click here for the Facebook page: Furries against bestiality and animal abuse.

Click here for the August 2011 article: "States where bestiality (sex with animals) is legal."

Click here for the list of current cases in the United States involving cases of sexual abuse of animals.

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