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Poltergeists: Noisy Ghosts or Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis?

Ghost in Shower

The word poltergeist comes from two German words: poltern meaning to make noise and geist meaning ghost. Literally translated a poltergeist is a noisy ghost. Although poltergeists derived their name from one of their most common characteristics - making unexplained noises such as taps and bangs; poltergeists are also known to move objects, throw rocks or stones, move furniture, and send household objects flying through the air.

Stories of poltergeists date back to the first century. They all have the common thread of objects moving on their own and loud noises disturbing the occupants. Poltergeist activity usually begins suddenly and lasts anywhere from several days or weeks to up to 2 years. The activity suddenly ceases.

Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis

Many reported cases of poltergeist activity revolve around the presence of an adolescent girl who is present during the episodes of paranormal activity. This has lead investigators to believe that poltergeist activity may not be attributed to a ghostly visitor, but to the young lady who experiences it. Many hold the theory that the manifestation of poltergeist activity is actually Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis. The theory states that psychokinetic energy may unconsciously leave the body of an emotionally charged person who is harboring repressed emotions, such as, anger, fear, or rage and manifest themselves as physical disturbances of the immediate surroundings.

Recurrent Spontaneous Psychokinesis has not been substantiated by any tangible proof, yet serves as a logical explanation of events in many cases. It should be noted; however, that not all cases of poltergeist activity revolve around adolescent girls.

Stages of Poltergeist Activity

Those who believe poltergeist activity is the workings of a spirits or other paranormal entities, like Nathan Robert Brown, author of The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Paranormal, describe five stages of paranormal activity that occurs before the poltergeist activity finally ceases.

Stage One: The first stage is not threatening, and may not even be frightening. It may begin with a strange feeling of being watched and you may observe your cat or dog running from room to room as though they are chasing someone or something. Often the pet will sit and watch an invisible "being" as it crosses the room. You may experience cold spots or hear random noises. The sound of footsteps is common.

Stage Two: The second stage is slightly more noticeable than the first. Noises begin to become recognizable as moans, groans, and even shrieks that can not be located. Instead of feeling isolated cold spots, you may now feel drafts of cold air in closed areas. You may notice marks or scratches on the walls, near windows, or on furniture.

Stage Three: In this stage, you will definitely know you have a poltergeist. It will make its presence known by turning electrical equipment off and on, lights may suddenly go out and then turn back on, or the TV may come on by itself in the middle of the night. Doors and windows may suddenly open and close on their own. Knocks and bangs will be unmistakable now. You may even be touched by invisible hands during this stage.

Stage Four: Some people believe the activities that take place in stage four are purposeful attempts of the Poltergeist to gain knowledge of how to frighten you. In this stage you may experience the sudden onset of demanding voices directing you, objects may fly through the air, objects may disappear and then reappear in a different location. Mirrors and windows may suddenly break for no apparent reason. Furniture may shake and move.

Stage Five: This stage is the most frightening and can most certainly pose dangers to your well being. Fires have been known to spontaneously spring up from nowhere. Knives and other dangerous objects may be projected across the room with considerable force. Heavy objects may fall or move. You may even see messages scrawled across the wall in what appears to be blood. In this stage, people have been known to be attacked by some unseen force; leaving bites, scratches, and bruises. Some people have experienced suddenly being overcome by some strange medical illness at this stage.

Not all poltergeist activity will lead to such serious consequences, but should you find yourself in a position of experiencing these increasingly threatening occurrences; many have found relief in calling the clergy and having the house exorcised. Others prefer to contact a psychic investigator that is able to perform a cleansing. Still others choose to simply move out of the house where the activity is occurring. Although there are some reported cases of the poltergeist following families once they move, this is not usually the case.

Chances are if you have a poltergeist in your home, the activity will be short lived and will disappear as suddenly as it began. The activity may begin again at a later date, or it may cease permanently.

Originally published on Yahoo Contributor's Network

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