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Police arrest couple for having sex in the surf in Sea Isle City

Sea Isle City police arrested a couple for performing lewd acts in the ocean, according to a June 10 report. The couple was spotted around 4 p.m. on Sunday afternoon, and a crowd had gathered to watch the couple have sex in the surf. Families with children were also on the New Jersey beach when the couple shocked everyone by engaging in sex in the water.

Police arrest couple for sex on New Jersey beach

The couple Sea Isle City police arrested are Matthew McPeak, 27, and Stephanie Wallington, 23. They had sex in public seemingly oblivious to the crowd of onlookers that had gathered. Upon their arrival, police instructed them to leave the water, and then placed the under arrest. Both parties were released with summons to appear.

In the pictures of the arrest, both McPeak and Wallington have on bathing suits. However, it took Wallington quite some time to exit the water after police arrived because she struggled to tie her bikini bottoms before exiting in front of the crowd of onlookers. When she finally exited the ocean, police put her in handcuffs, along with her partner in crime, and escorted them to jail.

The families with kids who were on the beach when the couple began their romp in the ocean actually had to pack up and leave the public beach because of the lewd act. This sex on the beach ended up ruining a nice Sunday afternoon outing for some families, while others on the beach gawked at the spectacle.

While people often have sex on the beach, it typically does not happen so close to the public like this one. Onlookers said that both McPeak and Wallington appeared to be intoxicated during their arrest. There is no word on what type of punishment the pair could receive at their summons, but police did not appear to think they were a threat to the community since they were let go with summons.

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