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Plus size woman walks Hollywood Boulevard in bikini? Promotes healthy body image

Amani Terrell talking to people on Hollywood Boulevard for Fox news station
Amani Terrell talking to people on Hollywood Boulevard for Fox news station
Amani Terrell/MyFoxLA

Amani Terrell might not be the first person who make a statement about healthy body images, but the plus-size woman is taking to the streets of Hollywood to be heard. The 260-pound woman has been surprising the locals by taking off her clothes and walking down Hollywood Boulevard in a bikini. According to MyFox LA on Tuesday morning, Terrell is looking to make a statement about how every body type is beautiful and people don’t have to be a certain size to have good self-esteem. Amani wants to rid Hollywood of its obsession with perfect looking bodies.

Hollywood Boulevard is the place where people go to indulge in the magic behind the entertainment world. There are costume characters taking pictures with tourists, visitors checking out the Hollywood Walk of Fame and everyone could get a glimpse of some iconic movie moments by checking out one of the museums, yet it might have been a real shock for out-of-town guests to see Amani walking around in skimpy clothing. She decided to strip down to her bikini in the very busy Hollywood Boulevard area to reinforce that women are beautiful at any size.

Offering up a message that people can be appreciated, the woman strolled the area as if she were dressed and it wasn't a big deal to be in a bikini. Getting mixed results on the street, there were people who felt her message was important and then there were a few who didn't appreciate the visual aspect of a plus size women in a bikini.

Amani Terrell has definitely stirred social media up about the images from Hollywood. People who have seen the story are talking about body images and the lines are divided when it comes to what people think is an appropriate weight versus accepting people as they are today. Even Terrell admits she needs to lose a few pounds, but she doesn’t think that should change how she feels about herself.

As most of the fans know, Hollywood's obsession of a perfect body isn't what it used to be. There are actresses and actors who have different body types, but people want to see more diverse people represented.

As for Amani Terrell, don’t be surprised if you see her walking around Hollywood Boulevard saying hello to people and talking about being confident even if you are a plus size woman. Amani is on a mission and she will crack out her bikini to make her point.

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