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Playstation 4's name change to kill an identity, will it still be PS4 after all?

What do you think the next name for PS4 will be?
What do you think the next name for PS4 will be?

The Playstation brand has been around for nearly two decades, but is Sony really considering killing off a hallmark for the gaming world in favor of an infantile, unknown identity?

The news has been rumored for quite sometime now, but it is extremely difficult to see Sony ruining a brand worth half as much as the entire industry.

So why does Sony want to change the name of a console that has sold well over 330 million units in its near two decades of existence?

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter spoke with and voiced his opinion regarding the rumors surrounding Sony changing the Playstation name.

"I haven’t heard about it.

"Think it would be silly to waste the brand equity they’ve built with the PlayStation brand, but I don’t know what they are thinking of doing," Pachter said.

It is an obvious idea to change something if it is getting stale and doesn't have the type of appeal that can drive business.

With that said, this is not the case for the Playstation brand.

The new name that has been suggested is Omni, which sounds about as exciting as if someone were to get a nail driven through their eyeball.

"Sony is near the middle end part of their Project Orbis, their next generation PS4. It will not be called Playstation 4, [as] teams have started to call the final name as Omni. Omni will reflect their new hardware and content delivery philosophy," the report stated.

Yes console sales are down, but they are for all console makers and it is just a natural process the industry is going through right now.

Playstation is not an old or tired-out brand, it is a pillar of the gaming industry.

To the point exactly, Sony is not irresponsible enough to throw away a name or brand that transcends the industry and many others.

Despite what constant rumors continue to suggest, Sony's next gaming system will not stray away from the Playstation name that has earned them hundreds of millions of dollars.

It may be something to the tune of Playstation Omni, but Sony will not drop the name of Playstation in their next system because it would be a mistake of monumental proportions.


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