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Players won’t have to worry too much about random survivors in ‘State of Decay'

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Fans anticipating Undead Labs’ upcoming zombie survival title, “State of Decay,” took to the game's official forums to ask the developer about the prospect of finding nothing but poorly skilled random survivors in the game. Sanya Weathers, from Undead Labs, put players at ease yesterday by clarifying that while survivors will be randomized each playthrough to a degree, the developer doesn’t want players to be left completely to chance as to whether they will find useful survivors or not. Weathers stated the following.

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We want to make sure there is never a playthrough WITHOUT someone who can garden, someone with medical training, someone who can build, etc. Now, whether or not you manage to rescue them and invite them to join you, that's YOUR affair. But you won't get screwed by the random rolls of the character dice.

So gamers shouldn’t be worried about having a playthrough of “State of Decay” where every survivor they find is only skilled in sexting (an actual skill characters can possibly have in the game), although it would be humorous to see how such a group would attempt to survive the zombie apocalypse.

State of Decay” is currently in development by Undead Labs for Xbox Live Arcade. The zombie game also hopes to see a PC version after a successful release of the game on the Xbox 360.

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