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Playable 'Destiny' races revealed, Tiger Man not included

Concept art and images for the playable races in Destiny on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox 720.
Concept art and images for the playable races in Destiny on the PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox 720.
Bungie, Activision

Bungie art director Chris Garret and lead writer Joseph Staten hosted a Game Developers Conference panel their upcoming sci-fi shooter, Destiny, Thursday. Part of the hour long discussion included a look at the playable races in the PS4, PS4, Xbox 720 and Xbox 360 title. Including one that didn't make the cut.

The first playable race is obvious as they are human. Bungie considers their own kind to be relatable, tough and uncomplicated. They drew inspiration from military figures, sports stars and action heroes when designing human characters for Destiny.

The first non-human race is the Awoken. Bungie was looking for a race that was exotic, beautiful and mysterious which led to borrow looks from elves, vampires, ghosts and angels. Yes, that includes the vampires from the Twilight series of movies though there is no word if Destiny's Awoken will sparkle in the sunlight.

The third playable race is not even organic. Instead, it is the robotic race of creatures known as the Exo. They are a sinister, powerful and tireless creed that took inspiration from the undead, Halo's Master Chief and the Terminator.

Finally, one of the lessons learned by the team at Bungie was that not everything created during the brainstorming phase of a game fits in with the overall design concept. This included a "Tiger Man" race that did not make it the game. While the Tiger Man is noble, bestial and wise he also looked kind of silly compared to the rest of the concepts. At least he'll always have that spiffy red tie.

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Via: GameSpot Live Stream


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