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Pit bulls abandoned: Corey Harrison charged with animal cruelty

Corey Harrison charged with animal cruelty for abandoning 2 pit bulls.
Corey Harrison charged with animal cruelty for abandoning 2 pit bulls.
Bella Foundation/Facebook

According to details shared online, 2 pit bulls were abandoned by Corey Harrison, a 27 year old who had been a resident at Willow Creek apartments in Midwest City, Oklahoma where the dogs were discovered in an otherwise empty apartment.

An apartment manager was reported to have called the police when the 2 dogs were discovered after Corey Harrison moved from the apartment. Harrison is reported to have said he checked on the dogs and knew there was something wrong with them.

While no one is sure why Corey Harrison moved all of his items from the apartment and left the dogs behind when he moved, he allegedly is the owner of the abandoned pit bulls. The pit bulls needed emergency medical attention and were taken to vet for treatment. Harrison told the police the dogs were going to be moved to his new unit once they were cleaned up.

Corey Harrison was living in the unit where the dogs were found in that apartment complex and following a fire, relocated and there was no power in the apartment where the dogs were left.

Abusing an animal is now a federal offense. Harrison has been charged by the Oklahoma County District Attorney with two animal cruelty charges, however he had not been arrested as of the report.

Readers willing to help may want to donate to The Bella Foundation, which was called by Midwest City Animal Control. The photo shared here is from the Facebook page of The Bella Foundation and details about this group can also be viewed on their site.

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