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Pit bull owner says Oklahoma police officer shot her dog for no reason

Pit bull owner says Oklahoma police officer shot her dog for no reason-slide0
Justice for Cali Facebook

Sarah Jo Ellen Brown posted a dozen photographs on Facebook of her newborn baby meeting the family's gentle pit bull dog named Cali just six months ago. On Wednesday, however Cali died; killed by a shot gun blast from Ardmore Police Officer Brice Woolly because he couldn't capture the dog when she escaped from her yard.

Cali was shot by Oklahoma Police Officer Brice Woolly. Allegedly Officer Woolly told the dog's owner, he had a right to shoot the dog.
Justice for Cali Facebook

On Wednesday, Cali, who liked to jump over fences, escaped from her yard at the 400 block of 15th Ave. in Ardmore. A neighbor called Animal Control.

Ardmore Police Officer Brice Woolly arrived at the home; Cali had escaped a few doors down the street to a vacant lot.

According to a witness, there was no provocation for the officer to shoot the dog, yet Brown alleges Officer Woolly spotted the dog, went back to his squad car, procured his shotgun, and killed the dog. An Animal Control officer then shot the already dead dog again.

Cali was known in the neighborhood and had never been aggressive.

That same witness alleges he overheard a most disturbing conversation between Officer Woolly and the Animal Control officer:

"Did you see her collar fly off when I shot her? That was awesome."

A Justice for Cali Facebook page was created on Thursday for further information.

A petition started on Thursday asking officials to investigate the killing of Cali has already garnered over 1,000 signatures.

No one from the Ardmore Police Department has returned any calls to comment on the situation.

Brown says she will be filing a complaint with the Carter County District Attorney's Office.

"I understand that dogs can escape from their yards sometimes, but Sarah Jo seemed to have said this isn't the first time that Cali escaped from her yard. I'm not defending this officer's actions in any way, but everyday I read stories about dogs dying because they're running loose. It's up to all of us to make sure our dogs are safely behind fences and in our yards, in our homes, or on their leashes. There are just too many crazy people out there who have no respect for their own lives, much less that of a family's cherished and amazing dog," stated Carmen Rodriguez of Miami, Fla.

"Pit bulls in my area are looked upon as a scourge. People can just be so ignorant," Rodriguez continued. "May Cali rest in peace, and may your family heal."

Be sure to watch the slideshow of Cali and Brown's children. You be the judge whether this beautiful dog was aggressive and deserved to die.

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