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Pilot sentenced in groping: Utah pilot sentenced for groping teen

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A Utah pilot was sentenced for groping a 14-year-old girl who was seated next to him on a flight. On Thursday, CBS News shared about what happened. Reports are that Michael James Pascal was on an off-duty flight when the incident occurred. He appeared in federal court this week to face charges on this sex offense.

The teenage girl was seated next to him and reports are that he was groping her while she was asleep. Michael James Pascal was sitting next to her and as she woke up he had his hand on her buttocks. Before falling asleep, the girl said that she had put down the armrest between them. When she woke up, he was touching her and she asked what was going on. The answer was "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I was asleep, I have to use the bathroom."

Pascal did admit to pulling up the armrest, but he said it was because the guy next to him was taking up a lot of room. He then tried to say that he had fallen asleep and doesn't remember anything else happening. His attorney tried to say that when he woke up he realized he had kind of flopped onto the person next to him but that was it. The girl was on the flight by herself.

He was charged back in 2013 and lost his job when this happened. Back in March, he was charged with two counts of abusive sexual contact for the incident. Pascal was sentenced to two years in prison and then five years of probation after he is done with that jail time. He still just says that he was asleep and has never admitted to knowing that he was doing anything wrong.