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Physicist creates color-changing ice cream

Nobody ever said science has to be serious all the time. It can be really fun and in this case, even tasty.

Physicist creates color-changing ice cream
IceXperience, Facebook

Manuel Linares, a Spanish physics professor and engineer, along with two friends has invented an ice cream that changes color as it’s licked, morphing from blue to pink and eventually purple. According to Grubstreet on Thursday, the invention was a thesis project for the program Linares had enrolled in with the Barcelona trade group Asociación Empresarial Nacional de Elaboradores Artesanos y Comerciantes de Helados y Horchatas. His field of study? It’s described as a master’s diploma in “Creating Artisan Ice Cream.” Where do we sign up for this program?

The color-changing dessert made with all natural ingredients is called Xamaleón and though the exact science behind it is being kept under wraps, it is said to involve temperature shifts and the way it reacts to the acids found on the eater’s tongue. When scooped, the tutti-fruitti ice cream is applied with a spritz of “love elixir” to accelerate the process.

Linares and his team worked out the invention in under a week and his inspiration comes from another sweet confection you probably didn’t know existed: glow-in-the-dark ice cream. In late 2013, Brit Charlie Harry Francis invented a flavor made with calcium-activated jellyfish protein that begins to glow as it’s licked. The unusual confection came with the help of a Chinese scientist who had found a way to synthesize the protein.

Intrigued? There is a way to taste the color-changing flavor for yourself, assuming you’re local. Linares is selling the concoction at IceXperience, his laboratory/ice cream shop located in the Spanish beach town of Blanes. He’s also reportedly working on a flavor using natural aphrodisiac plants and a blacklight ice cream.