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Phone woes: Teenager attempts to drain pond to rescue smartphone

A 16-year-old boy attempted to drain the pond his smartphone fell in.
Photo by David Becker/Getty Images

What would you do if your beloved smartphone took a dive into a pond? Jump in after it? Or, perhaps something a bit more extreme, such as draining a pond to retrieve it? Ah, yes, the folly of youth: A young German boy took to pond draining when his device spilled overboard on a fishing trip.

Mirror reported on Saturday, Aug. 2, that an unnamed 16 year old from Klein Hesepe in northern Germany was out fishing with some friends when his phone fell into the water. When the device went for a dip the teen asked the angling club if he could use his diving suit to look for his phone. When they refused, he came up with a much more drastic solution.

He snuck back that night with a powerful pump and two hoses. The plan was to pump the water, which housed thousands of fish, out through the angling club’s toilet. The plan quickly backfired. This genius plan was foiled because the toilet was not attached to a sewage system, but rather a small sewage tank. When the tank reached its max, the excess water then overflowed into the parking lot. The owner of the angling club discovered the scene the next morning and called the police.

“I thought two pumps would drain enough of the water from the pond so that I could find my cellphone,” Yahoo News reported he told the Neue Osnabruecker Zeitung newspaper. "I knew the phone was probably dead but wanted to get the data card back with the numbers, pictures and videos of my friends. It almost worked."

This teen is not the only extreme phone saver. In June two people died while attempting to pull a phone out of a “open-pit” toilet in China. Fox 8 News reported that after a woman dropped her new cell phone into the toilet, her husband attempted to pull the phone out of the knee-deep swage but passed out due to the fumes. His mother then went in after him, but also passed out. Then the woman who dropped the phone in, her father-in law and two neighbors went. And, you guessed it, they also fell unconscious. Several other neighbors came to the rescue and were able to pull them all out, but the husband and his mother later died at the hospital and two other were hospitalized.

At the end of the day the boy has to pay for damages to the toilet and for the clean-up, but never did retrieve his cell phone. On the brightside Market Watch reported that after hearing of the story a businessman has sent two specialized magnets to help find the boy’s phone, but as of yet the phone has not turned up in the search which began on Thursday.

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