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Philadelphia 76ers trade rumors: Andrew Bynum trade getting close? (Video)

Philadelphia 76ers trade rumors involving an Andrew Bynum trade taking place are starting to make the rounds. According to a report from Wednesday afternoon (Jan. 23), the 76ers are close to being faced with the difficult prospect of Bynum hitting free agency. This alone could force the team to trade him before the NBA trade deadline just to cut their losses.

Evan Turner could be a good trade chip for the Philadelphia 76ers.
Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

As the 76ers have fallen to a 17-25 record on the season, it is starting to look like their postseason aspirations are just about gone. The team trails the Boston Celtics for the eighth playoff spot in the Eastern Conference, so there is still a shot to make a run with the return of a healthy Bynum, but the chances are starting to dwindle.

It's unclear what direction Philadelphia will want to go, but it is definitely the case that the team needs to be built around point guard Jrue Holiday. Evan Turner might play into it as well, but that leaves good role players like Thaddeus Young, Nick Young, and Spencer Hawes who could be packed with Bynum to bring back a good player or two.

The unfortunate case about some of the Philadelphia 76ers trade rumors out there is that the trade value of Andrew Bynum is pretty low. He needs to get back on the court and prove that he is still capable of being a force in the middle. If that doesn't happen before the Feb. 21 trade deadline, the decisions could get even tougher for the front office in Philadelphia.

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