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Petition against "To Train Up a Child" nears 90,000 signatures

The petition had reached over 86,000 signatures by Friday morning
The petition had reached over 86,000 signatures by Friday morning

A petition calling for to stop selling "To Train Up a Child" had gathered over 86,000 signatures by early Thursday, and the number was climbing quickly.

The petition was originally started in 2011, when it was signed by thousands of concerned citizens and many notable child experts. UK Parenting blog The Mule listed many of the signers here, including biblical scholars, authors, psychologists and the leaders of many child advocacy groups.

The petition received new attention recently after the conviction of two parents in Washington who were found guilty of murder after allegedly following parenting techniques advocated in the book.

The recent conviction was the third child death linked to the book. continues to offer "To Train Up a Child" for sale in both the United States and the UK.

Some people have spoken out against the petition, saying that it would advocate censorship. The Mule reminds people:

Let's be clear, this is not a petition to ban books. It is simply to ask Amazon to cease to stock parenting manuals which advise the physical abuse of children.

This is an important distinction. Amazon has an opportunity here to take a stand for children by refusing to market a book that many have called "a manual for child abuse."

This is not some sort of noble freedom of speech issue. There is a world of difference between censoring a book and simply refusing to stock it and profit from its sale.

This is a book that has been directly linked to the deaths of three children.

This is a book that tells parents a "12-inch piece of weed eater chord works well as a beginner rod" as a "training tool" on infants under 12 months old and that a baby "needs to be trained all day, everyday."

This is a book that tells parents they need to physically train their children with pain until the children have given them complete surrender and total obedience.

You can read about why the petition was originally started and read direct quotes from "To Train Up a Child" here.

It is important to speak out on behalf of the children who cannot speak for themselves.

The problem of child abuse will not go away just because Amazon stops selling some books, but it will send a powerful message to the world about how we should treat our most innocent members -- and it just might save a child's life.

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