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Pet photos with one of the best Santas in town

Getting my dachshunds photographed with Santa is an annual tradition for me. Several different spots in the greater LA area offer Santa photos, but one of the best Santas we’ve consistently seen is the jolly, white-beard man in Glendale at The Americana at Brand. He truly reminds me of Kris Kringle in appearance and personality, and he works with an excellent team – one I imagine the real Santa employs in the North Pole.

Getting our annual photos with Santa. 2013
The Americana at Brand
Getting our annual photo with Santa.
The Americana at Brand

Santa’s Cottage at The Americana is decorated to impress. Lavished in vibrant reds, golds, oversized Christmas ornaments, big ribbons, a full-size Christmas tree, perfectly wrapped presents, dramatically draped garland and twinkling Christmas lights it really is rather magical when you enter the cozy cottage. The set is important, but it takes second place to the main man. The Santa in Glendale at The Americana reminds me of the same man from the film Miracle on 34st Street; and I sometimes wonder if he perhaps is the real deal (much like the theme of the aforementioned movie).

2013 marked our 4th year to visit this particular Santa and we are overjoyed that The Americana continues to bring him back every year. He is great with kids from everything I’ve seen, but more importantly to me, he is equally great with our dogs. As a self-proclaimed dog-lover and dog owners himself, he is patient with our dogs and seemingly works with them with complete ease.

Some Santas might look awkward or struggle with how to handle our dogs, but this Santa is a total pro. Going back to the movie the Miracle on 34th Street, there is a scene when a the main character – Kris Kringle, has to interact with a deaf or foreign child (depending on which version you’ve seen) and much to everyone’s surprise, Kris rises to the challenge. That is exactly how this Santa is when it comes to our dogs. I’ve watched him work now for four consecutive years with a variety of dogs – big and small, and each time he rises to the challenge to make the experience enjoyable and comfortable for our pampered pooches.

Santa’s Cottage offers an array of packages at varied price points ranging from $20 - $100. I’m a fan of the Dancer package, and the Rudolph and Santa upgrade are also two very attractive options.

Santa is part of team and his team strives for excellence. I know this personally because this year, I had the misfortunate of getting home and finding my flash drive empty. After making the drive, parking, waiting in line and getting our pictures taken I got home that evening to find a flash drive with no pictures. Upset I called the concierge and Jake Galvan, the Lead Concierge, worked tirelessly to get me my pictures. He emailed me copies within 24 hours, saved the day and saved me a trip back to the mall.

We remain fans of the Santa at The Americana at Brand and encourage anyone looking to get their darling dogs photographed with Santa to visit this Santa. He is truly one of the best we’ve ever experienced and keeps us coming back each year. Pet night is weekly, every Wednesday from 6 to 9 through December 18th (I believe). Please call to confirm.

The Americana at Brand
889 Americana Way
Glendale, CA 91210

Santa’s Cottage Details / Packages.

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