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‘Persona 5’ further compared to ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’

‘Persona 5’ further compared to ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’
‘Persona 5’ further compared to ‘Persona 3’ and ‘Persona 4’

Katsura Hashino has further compared the upcoming Playstation 3 exclusive title, “Persona 5,” to “Persona 3” and “Persona 4.” According to a report from Fun Stock on March 26, the series director was interviewed in the latest issue of the Official “Persona” Magazine.

Katsura Hashino first stated that the forthcoming sequel uses the color of red as a theme as oppose to blue in the third game and yellow in the fourth installment. The development team will try to make the user interface “visually palatable.” You can find his comments from the interview below:

For Persona 3 we went with blue, with Persona 4 we opted for yellow so this time we’re painting the world red. That said, red can be a pretty hard colour on the eyes… so we’re making the interface visually palatable.

The director went on to disclosed that “Persona 5” will be more approachable when compared to “Persona 3” and “Persona 4” adding that he wants “players to come away from this game feeling they have the power to take on the world around them.” The two previous titles have a somewhat steep learning curve as both offer unique experiences aren’t comparable to other games from the same genre.

Katsura Hashino finally revealed that the core idea is going to be different as well. While “Persona 3” and “Persona 4” is about banding together, the sequel will focus on a different set of “thematic principles.” You can find his explanation below:

Persona 5… operates under its own set of thematic principles… We live in a time in Japan when teenagers and adults can’t just be idling their way through their lives. People have to be on their toes, thinking about and engaging with what is happening around them.

“Persona 5” will be released this winter in Japan and next year in North America. You can find some screens from “Persona 4 Golden” with the slideshow gallery to the left of this article.