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Permanent Make-up: Is it a safe glamour choice?

Permanent  make-up can look flawless and natural.
Permanent make-up can look flawless and natural.
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Permanent make-up is becoming more popular each year. However, many people are concerned about the safety of the procedure.

Many women who may have never considered a tattoo in the past are looking into the option of permanent make-up. Yes, permanent make-up is the process of tattooing eyeliner, lipcolor, eyebrows, and many other cosmetic enhancements. A good artist will be able to make the application look natural and flawless.

While the procedure has been utilized by cancer patients and others who suffer from various medical conditions, it is commonly found as an offering in your local spa or beauty salon. The rise in utilization has also made the risks more apparent.

Sadly, women have reported infections of all sorts. Some of the more negative experiences have included Staph and Hepatitis C.  So, what is a girl to do? Research your provider thoroughly.

David Scott, permanent make-up artist at All About You in Pampa says, "I sterilize my equipment in an autoclave or dry heat. I ALWAYS use a new needle, disinfected with chemicals also."  Scott also believes if an artist is really concerned about the client he or she will not be offended if questioned about sterile technique. Be sure you see the artist open the fresh needle from the sterile pouch and do not be afraid to ask to see the autoclave. If the spa or salon is defensive about such requests, it may be a clue you are in the wrong place.

Texas lists all providers who are approved to perform tattoo services.   Be sure you check the website and make sure you are using a licensed professional.  It is always a good idea to get a referral from a friend who has had success with a particular artist.

Most people have a disease free experience. Should you develop increasing redness, swelling, fever, or other symptoms of infection, Scott recommends you contact your provider to report the issue and always seek medical advice.


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