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Pelosi caught off-guard by libertarian teenager

Pelosi stammering in answer to question
Pelosi stammering in answer to question
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At a time when many reporters shrink from asking hard questions of politicians, a 16-year-old high school student left Nancy Pelosi stammering and stuttering with half finished remarks.

Andrew Demeter won first prize at CPAN’s 2014 Student Cam competition and during the winner’s events that he took the opportunity during a question-asking distance from Pelosi.

According to TheBlaze, Andrew decided that it was one of those moments where

…you’re like, I’m either going to do this or not.”

His question was

Why do you support the NSA’s illegal and ubiquitous data collection?

Which then left Pelosit stammering with unconnected half statements.

Speaking to Blaze staff writer, Zach Noble, Andrew said:

I guess I was naïve thinking she’d give a straight answer to my question.

Andrew Demeter

…sees the future of freedom in America as bright, thanks to the work of liberty-loving activists and a healthy dose of technology.

In reference to liberty he thinks he has common cause with another man who asks tough questions: Glenn Beck.

The video of Pelosi's answers has gone viral on YouTube

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