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Pebble receives exclusive game ‘Pixel Miner’

Available now, exclusively on Pebble
Available now, exclusively on Pebble
Photo: Pebble

It may seem strange to think that a watch could have a game, let alone an exclusive game. Today, on July 16, 2014 however, the Pebble Smart Watch received a brand new exclusive “Pixel Miner” from free-to-play game designer and author, Will Luton.

“Pixel Miner” is an adorable little game where you mindlessly dig for an eternity in an attempt to set the highest score possible while digging as deep as you can. Conveniently, this comes at little effort to you as your own personal miner will do all the digging for you. You really only have two jobs, which are to check in on him at least once every two hours – as he falls asleep otherwise – and to spend your glorious earnings he has compiled on your behalf.

As your miner digs, you receive credit for each pixel he removes. In addition to that, there are also various treasures buried which the miner will occasionally unearth. Once obtained, these can be sold and converted into pixels as well. These collected pixels can now be spent on equipment and multipliers to improve the efficiency of your miner. This circuit continues as you unlock better equipment, bigger multipliers, and earn more credits, faster.

While being a largely hands-off experience, you can still help out by “boosting” your miner with a button press. This will double the rate at which he collects pixels and last about two seconds. It’s virtually limitless, however requires you to physically press the button each time. Beyond that, the large part of you experience will be managing inventory and upgrades. The gameplay is nothing groundbreaking, but it’s a solid formula which creates the perfect experience for something on a watch. Not to mention the image of your little miner with a pair of Wolverine claws or chugging along in his personal excavator is worth a chuckle and a small sense of pride.

It’s a completely free download to those with a Pebble Smart Watch, so check it out on the Pebble Store or visit the link here.