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"Payday 2" newest DLC puts you in the middle of election day antics

“Payday 2” is getting some brand new DLC called “Election Day”. A video touting the downloadable content was released on Thursday but there was little else in the way of information made available about the new apparent playable missions.

Payday 2 newest DLC includes election day antics
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What can be discerned from the launch of the new information is that players will apparently take on some heists that involve a mayoral candidate by the name of Bob McKendrick in some way, shape or form.

The new trailer is actually a campaign advertisement for Bob McKendrick and doesn’t actually show any gameplay footage from the upcoming “Payday 2” DLC.

The candidate has also gotten himself his own website, complete with a fact sheet informing “voters” about his stance on certain issues.

Not surprisingly, Bob is a fan of gun rights. Its in the “did you know” section of the website that we might get at least a hint of why the character has been featured in the teaser for the new content. In this section of the site comments the candidate wants you to know he has business contacts in Niger, Dubai and Bogota and owns shooting clubs, and real estate on the docks.

Gamer Headlines did find some user generated content that detailed one mission new “Payday 2” mission in the election day DLC that has you swapping out ballot machines. Game developer Overkill Software has not confirmed whether that mission actually exists.

As for getting concrete information on “Payday 2” and its newest downloadable content, we’ll apparently have to wait a little longer.

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