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Paul Walker's brothers in 'Fast and Furious 7': Uncanny look-alikes turn heads

The eerie image of the late Paul Walker on the set of “Fast and Furious 7” has caused heads to turn in double-takes as folks get a glimpse at his brothers. Paul Walker died in a car crash in November last year while the movie “Fast and Furious 7” was still filming.

Paul Walker's two brothers will finish filming "Fast and Furious 7" and they stepped onto the set this week leaving folks awestruck. They look so much like Paul.
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According to Enstars on May 18, although the filming resumed without Paul, his image is still seen on the set today as his brothers have stepped in to help finish the film. “Spitting image” is the phrase most used to describe Cody Walker and Caleb Walker, Paul’s brothers. The uncanny resemblance can be seen in the latest pictures posted from the set.

The brothers look like twins and were dressed identically for the filming. Both were in gray T-shirts and jeans with their hair done in zip cuts like their brother sported for the film. The first pictures of Jordana Brewster on screen with Paul’s brothers were released over the weekend.

According to People Magazine, Paul’s death put the film on hold and there was a time that the production officials considered scraping the film as Paul’s sudden and tragic death left a gaping hole in the fabric of the “Fast and Furious” family. After much thought and consideration, they believe completing this film is what Paul and his fans would want.

Paul had finished filming the major scenes of the movie, but his image was needed to tie in a few scenes and for some action shots. Not only did they get one look-alike, but two, out of the gene pool of the Walker family.

Having Caleb and Cody on set is like having Paul with them again, said the film’s producers on their Facebook page. In the pictures coming off the set for the promos, Cody Walker even has his brother’s facial expressions down pat. It is very hard to tell the difference at first glance.

When the film comes out in April 2015, it will be like solving a puzzle as fans try to figure out if it was Paul in the scene or one of his look-alike brothers! At least the "Fast and Furious" team kept the cast in the family. Bringing Paul's brothers on board make this film even more intriguing than the previous six in the series.

When “Fast and Furious 7” hits the big screen in April, the producers claim that you will be mostly seeing Paul, as his major scenes were finished before his untimely death. You just don’t know if in one of those quick glimpses that you will see if that is Paul you are really eying or one of his handsome brothers. This is especially true when those infamous car chases take place which notoriously show the cast in these quick shots that last no longer than a few seconds.

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